“We didn’t insist enough to highlight the very high technique and interpretative preparation of the new generations of contemporary dancers. It may be possible that we are assisting to a very exceptional moment. It is reassured by this international cast: Ellie Gordon, Hayley Ader and Adri Mascort. Accurate, enthusiastic and brilliants in their execution. As a background, the flamenco music of Paco de Lucía and Enrique Morente, to point a couple. The contrast between the choreography they are defending and the music on the speakers is the game they are seeking for: they talk passionately about personal connections and the individuality. The piece is too short, barely 10 minutes, to dig into the deep of the matter, but you can guess the clear intentions every time one of the dancers leave the group discipline to express herself as a soloist.”

“Four female bodies that throw questions through a sublime dancing, a succour expression facing social oppression, a heart beat as a tabula rasa symbol”

The performance transmits and thrills, it is visually hypnotic and the effort of the dancers is indisputable. Congratulations!!

I hope this new bet of Sala Fènix for dance will be the first one of many upcoming ones”

"Body manifest,

Mental questions like: Who defines or predetermines us?, What does society push us thhrough? or To what extent does the woman continue to have an entity based on man? They do not always have to be questioned with words. In Triología, the work ascribed to the cycle Dona'm veu / Dona amb veu, it is the body that asks; and specifically four. Four female bodies that throw questions through a sublime dance, of an expression of help in the face of social oppression, of the beat of a heart as a symbol of tabula rasa, of the onomatopoeic gesture of work alignment. And before all these interpellations, the spectator can not scape: he must answer to himself. Although in all this scenic subtlety is a but; and this is the narrative plot, the guiding thread. Because it is not enough that the prospect says that the three stories that make up the work (hence the title Triology, I understand) have the common basis of self-knowledge. It must be that way. And yet, each one of them seems more like a scenic piece passed with the other two, that really a piece fully integrated in a single work of three parts. This but, nevertheless, it ends up being reduced in a formal detail that does not manage to overshadow the delicacy of the work where, it is exemplified once again, that truth and beauty can be perfect synonyms."

“Yesterday we saw the marvelous Autoretrat by Adri Mascort company. A journey towards our innermost, their relationship with their ego, what we become and what would happen if our memories would be deleted. today, second and last performance at Atic 22 of the theater Tantarantana. Absolutely recommendable for all the dance lovers”

- Laura Clemente