Born in Barcelona, 1991. After several backgrounds like musical theater studies and tap dance at Luthier Escola de Dansa, she started her contemporary training at El Magatzem Escola de Dansa in 2013, where she attended for two and a half years, taking classes with Natàlia Vinyes and Montse Llopis. During 2016, she lived for an entire year in Israel, attending to the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company international program, learning KCDC repertoire directly from the dancers of the company. In June 2017, she presented her first piece, Silence 2.0, in Barcelona and she started to direct and choreograph her own projects thanks to the support given by five different Civic Centers and El Magatzem Escola de Dansa.

She got the official title of Pilates Matt in 2019.

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Born in Bogotá, Colombia, 1997. She trained with El Magatzem Escola de Dansa from 2014 until 2017. While she was part of the professional training program, El Magatzem won two awards for the best performance at Fica't al SAT competition, made by Sant Andreu Teatre. She was the first company member to participate with the association ARTransforma and to perform with them. She also has presented some creation solos in Barcelona. In January 2018, she took part of the workshop offered by the company Los InNato in Costa Rica.

She started dancing with the company in September 2017 and performs Silence 2.0 and Autoretrat. She does side projects like Downfall by Dawalee Collective Dance.


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laia bau

Born in Barcelona, 1997. Laia trained for a year with El Magatzem Escola de Dansa, 2014. Afterwards, she was part of the training offered by the company CobosMika seads for two years, and she performed several pieces by Olga Cobos, Peter Mika, Miquel Barcelona, Laura Vilar and others... After graduating in June 2017, she started dancing with the company and taking part of Autoretrat. In January 2018, she was in Costa Rica taking a month long workshop by Los InNato.


Born in India, 1997. Greshma Salvador studied at El Magatzem Escola de Dansa and Escola Varium de Barcelona, besides being a student of Adri Mascort during her youth. In 2019 , she gets into the university London Contemporary Dance School. She has performed several shows at Sant Andreu Teatre with the young company of El Magatzem and with the one of Varium, besides participating at Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat during the season 2017-2018 at Teatre del Sol, Sabadell. She is part of Water-fall’s cast since May 2019.


Born in Denver, Colorado, 1991. Hayley Ader graduated with a Bachelor's in dance from the University of Arizona in 2013. She finished college with an apprentice position at Inaside Chicago Dance Company where she danced for three years. She performed several pieces including "Pathways", "Nothing Changes", "Syndrome"... In 2014, she also took part in a side project with Thodos Dance Chicago's New Dances and performed "Co-" by Brandon Harnick. In September 2016, she moved to Israel to attend the 10 month International Program offered by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Hayley was a dancer of Silence 2.0 and Autoretrat.

ellen gordon

Born in United Kingdom, 1996. Ellen graduated from Millenium Performing Arts School in 2015. After graduating, she co-founded Torgan Dance Company, and started creating her own works. In September 2016, she moved to Israel in order to attend Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company International Program for a year. During the 2017-18 season, she was a dancer in Jasmin Vardimon 2.

Ellen Gordon is one of the original dancers of Silence 2.0.

Jessica Rosin

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1991. Jessica graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm in 2013. She worked as a freelance dancer in Sweden for several years until September 2016 when she moved to Israel for the 5 month International Program with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

Jessica took part of the first 3 minute version of Silence 2.0 in Israel and performed it's final version at Estrena't 2017, Casa Groga, November 2017, where the piece won the audience award.


Born in Barcelona, 1994. After graduating at Institut del Teatre in 2015, she attended the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company International program for 5 months in Israel. Besides performing some KCDC repertoire in Israel, she has taken part in several projects. She was main dancer in the music videos of the group Wheels Collective and also performed punctual pieces at Parc de la Ciutadella, Museu Miró or Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. She has also worked as a freelance dancer for some dance companies in Barcelona like Namaim Dance Company.

In September 2017, she started dancing for the company, as a main character of the piece Autoretrat, and directing and choreographing together with Adri Mascort for the piece Aran i Aran.


Born in Tarragona, 1990. She starts dancing Hip hop and urban dance, later she discovered contemporary dance and she was graduate in 2015 at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, there she performed some project like Territoris de la Utopia at Fundació Joan miró or Nit dels Museus at La Pedrera, Barcelona. After graduating she was un London during a year, dancing in differnt dance schools like The Place and Greenwich, and beeing part of different projects lice The incomplete path with Ana Gur. Later, she was in Madrid during a year beeing part of the Laboratorio Coreográfico 180 where she worked and performed with different coreographers like Sara Sanz, Maria Luisa Arias, Fabian Thomé and Yoshua Cienfuegos. She also worked as a freelance dancer with different coreographers like Jesús Rubio in his piece Gran Bolero.

In September 2018 she joined the company.