MAY 2019

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Self-control, emotional management, code of ethics.

We learn how to behave since childhood, reacting as expected: to not cry without sense, to not get mad for no reason or to build a universal balance among our emotions, due to there will always be someone with more right to suffer than us. But, how does this situation shape us. Do we get stronger or do we become weaker? Where do those emotions go? Do we make them disappear or do they hide even from us?

These hidden emotions are accumulated behind a wall, or several. An indestructible wall... A wall destined to protect us from ourselves and prepared to keep our deeper feelings safe. A wall without doors to come in or out of, a perfectly solid wall, a weapon against ourselves.

But what could happen if, all of a sudden, a tiny fissure appeared? If this wall would start to slowly crumble, because the contained emotions would exceed its capacities or if one of these sensations would leak out and make us feel uncomfortable during our day by day... Would we decide that it is time to face our own truth? Would we find the necessary tools to break it? Would we be brave enough to live and show our feelings to asociety that has established a “perfectly ideal” behavior? Would this behavior make us become more human?

Water-fall is a piece that wants to investigate this introspection and that is looking to reach the audience and shake their worlds. A piece that uses art as a tool to express, literally, everything that most of us don’t dare to recognize.

Direction: Adri Mascort
Choreography: Adri Mascort
Dancers: Laia B. Boix, Alba Candil, Adri Mascort and Greshma Salvador.                                         
Costumes design Laia B. Boix, Alba Candil and Adri Mascort
Scenography design: Adri Mascort
Lighting design: Marc Sobrepera and Adri Mascort
Photography: Josep Tobella                                                                                         Acknowledgements: Vero Cendoya, Maria Hurtado  Creation suport: Compañía Nacional de Danza, Institut del Teatre de Vic, Color Dansa, Centre Cívic Sant Martí and Centre Cívc El Sortidor


APRIL 2018

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Do we know who we are at the moment we are born, or is it a knowledge we acquire with our experiences? What if we woke up one day and every memory had been lost? Would we recognize ourselves? Would we be the same if we woke up with a blank page as our background?

A piece based on the relationship between our true selves (our innermost soul) and who we have become. Questioning whether we are meant to be or we are made by circumstances. 

And how within those uncertainties, people around us would accept whomever we could become after a memory loss. Considering that any new personality could emerge, would the people closest to us try to have an influence and drive us towards our older patterns; or would they allow a new persona to develop?

This complex situation can be compared to the self discovery of a newborn. Is it possible to make an equivalence with an infant’s self-consciousness? Would the baby's surroundings try to lead, almost manipulating, it?


Director: Adri Mascort
Choreographer: Adri Mascort
Dancers: Alba Candil, Laia Bau, Júlia Matas, Hayley Ader, Adri Mascort
Staging: Adri Mascort
Lights: Adri Mascort
Costumes: Adri Mascort and Júlia Matas
Creation support: Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell, Centre Cívic Sant Martí, Centre Cívic Guinardó, Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas. 
Awards: Audience award at Escenari Obert 20' at Sala Tísner of Barcelona in May 2018, jury award at Estrena’’t Dansa at Centre Cívic Casa Groga of Barcelona in November 2018.


silence 2.0

JUNE 2017


In a stereotypical society, we look for preserving our identity. As fish banks, we follow the set current while we connect and disconnect with the people that surround us. But what are those connections, exactly? Can we ensure they happened because of our self-will or is it a way to survive? Silence 2.0 explores the complexity of established relationships, the struggle of having a real voice and being able to express that same voice out loud within this society.


Director: Adri Mascort
Choreographer: Adri Mascort
Original Dancers: Ellen Gordon, Hayley Ader, Adri Mascort
Music: Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente, John Williams y Bruno Coulais
Staging: Adri Mascort
Lights: Adri Mascort
Choregraphy assistant: Natàlia Viñas
Costumes: Adri Mascort
Acknowledgements: MASA Program Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, El Magatzem Escola de Dansa
Awards: A creation residence award at the Institut del Teatre of Vic at the Choreographic Contest of L’Estruch of Sabadell, audience award at Estrena’t 2017 at La Casa Groga, Barcelona and Bronze Menina award at Festival ADAE Danza y Artes Escénicas, Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de Alcobendas, Madrid.




MAY 2018


We might think we are safe, we might think it doesn't concern us, we might think it won't be our story. But the truth is, it happens in each of our lives, it is part of our day by day and we are sadly not aware of it. We live it since we are born and girls get their first pink dress or boys get a toy car for Christmas. It sticks in our minds when children play with perfectly thin, tall, white skinned and blue eyed dolls. 

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But we grow old and we enter that age where dreamed of love and firsts kisses happen, when all those charming stories we saw on tv for years could become real. And they do. But do those stories talk about LOVE? Did we acquire the proper knowledge? Did we learn the right tools? If yes, why do the most popular songs consider women as mere sexual objects? 

Aran i Aran is a piece that aims to reach and awaken teenagers in their tender years. It hopes to bring some consciousness to the matter and break with the stereotypes. Even though women's rights have grown exponentially (still a lot of work to do) and the housewife roll has lowered quite a bit, women are still believed to be weaker and teenagers, in their emotional formation, are a clear reflection of this sexist society. 


Director: Júlia Matas and Adri Mascort
Choreographer: Júlia Matas and Adri Mascort                                                                         Dancers: Júlia Matas, Adri Mascort and Lluís Rotger
Music: Lluís Rotger
Staging: Júlia Matas and Adri Mascort
Lights: Júlia Matas and Adri Mascort
Costumes: Adri Mascort and Júlia Matas
Creation support: Centre Cívic El Sortidor


MAY 2018

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Triologia will connect Silence 2.0, Autoretrat and Aran i Aran in a single story, specially made for Sala Fénix. 


JUNE 2018

Emocions en guerra is a side project, lead by ARTransforma, that we are more than happy to take part of. For further information you can visit their website http://artransforma.org/art/en/projecte/compartides-el-valor-social-de-les-arts-en/ and feel free to take part of it in any way you wish.