Who we are

"Dancing is just movement, therefore, we all can dance".

- Adri Mascort



The company Adri Mascort is a contemporary dance company, based in Barcelona,. It started on June 2017 and since then, it has been working in several projects. 

The company started with the premiere of Silence 2.0, June 2017, inside the festival Maldà en Dansa offered by the theatre El Maldà, Barcelona. Posteriorly, the company kept winning several awards like Creation Residency at Institut del Teatre Vic at the choreographic contest Certamen Estruch Sabadell, Menina de bronce given by the festival ADAE, danza y artes escénicas, offered by Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de Alcobendas, Madrid, or the award of Estrena’t 2017 and 2018 La Casa Groga, Barcelona.

The company counts with the support of several entities like Compañía Nacional de Danza, several Civic Centers like Guinardó, Tomasa Cuevas, Sant Martí, Cotxeres Borrell, El Sortidor and schools like El Magatzem Escola de Dansa and Color Dansa.


Adri Mascort wants to explore ideas and doubts, to use the body as a tool to achieve words using their pure and honest language to be able to arrive to the audience and let them know.

“Express, create, imagine, question, break, feel, dance… and live”